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Sat 11 May 2024
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Deeping Ducks RLFC
Battle Of The Birds - Ducks v Roosters

Battle Of The Birds - Ducks v Roosters

KIERAN LYNCH16 May - 20:05
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St Ives Roosters 26 v Deeping Ducks 32

FULL Match Report from James Warrener

The Ducks took flight on their first match as a rugby league team over the weekend with a trip to St Ives to face the Roosters.
The conditions played a big part in the match with water breaks every 20 minutes either side of half time.
As a start to a new team and season goes it was super tough. Our first possession came close to our posts at the end of a Roosters set but the ball was spilled and mopped up by the home side who scored the first try of the match.
They converted to make it 6-0 before the first minute had elapsed.
Deeping got a foothold in the game and pressed the opposition line with a couple of tackle resets (known as a 6 again) called by the official as a result of St Ives being slow to get up from a collision. We were in the red zone for 10 consecutive plays but couldn’t get the ball over and down.
A relieving penalty got the Roosters up the pitch before they broke the visiting defensive line to go over in the corner to make it 10-0. The try wasn’t converted with the kick, but this wasn’t the start we had been hoping for.
The game ebbed and it flowed before a “coach killer” of a play got the first try in Ducks history.
A kick on the last tackle looked likely to end in St Ives possession but the bounce of the ball saw us dab down in the corner and get those first ever points. We were off and running!
The kick was hard to make from the sideline and the extra points weren’t added. But almost instantly a crash play up the middle of the park saw Roosters defenders out of position and another try brought us to 10-8 but the kick went awry for a second time. The Fenland wind no doubt playing a part.
Ducks found that the middle of the park was proving a successful hunting ground and scored almost a carbon copy try to go 10-12 ahead after the first 20 minute water break.
We were really lucky to have the visiting Duck army and Sam hydrating the players throughout the game. Thanks to them for their efforts and playing their part.
This try was kicked and it was 10-14 to Deeping.
But the Roosters hit back almost instantly in this topsy turvy encounter.
They kicked the extra points and we were in a flash 16-14 behind. I was running out of fingers and toes to keep on top of the score!
There was still time for another crash play under the posts to get the Ducks a converted try and we all took a breath with the score at 16-20 in our favour.
Half time sent everyone heading to the shade of the St Ives club house with more top ups of water coming from the Ducks support team. Doc filling a jug and Sam duly topping up the players bottles. Some extra cold drinks arrived courtesy of a supporter. Everyone was working hard for the Ducks, especially the players who had to head back out onto the park.
If anything the second half was even warmer and it was the home side who struggled more in that opening portion.
3 unanswered Ducks tries took us to 16-32 ahead as the frantic pace of the match finally settled down.
It was never too comfortable though with both sides coughing up the ball through a combination of the heat and fatigue.
With barely 10 minutes left Roosters took a leaf out of our first period play book going for power and straight up the middle to get back in it at 20-32.
Another kick was missed but St Ives gave their supporters real hope when a 5th tackle kick bomb was sent high in the sky and Deeping couldn't defend it.
The left centre kept the ball alive and popped it out to the winger to score.
This try was converted and we played out a nervy last few minutes at 26-3 but held on for the win.
Plenty to marvel at in Ducks play and enough to suggest St Ives will be a decent side this season.
There will be hard work to come at training this week and a number of injuries to assess ahead of the opening home match this Saturday against Lincolnshire Lions at Spalding Road.
Kick off is 2:30pm and it would be great to see as many of you as possible there to give the ducks a cheer.

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