The age groups and the Rules they play under
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3. The age groups and the Rules they play under

Under 7's & Under 8's
The youngest age groups play Tag Rugby which is a form of the game designed for children to enjoy themselves whilst concentrating on evasive & invasive running and simple ball handling skills. Tag Rugby is non-contact and has a simple rule-set designed to be quick and easy to pick up. Most children will have been introduced to Tag Rugby at school and will be familiar with the basic principals of the game.

Under 9's & 10's
Following the RFU Continuum the children are introduced to tackling and other contact areas of the game. These age groups also see the introduction of the scrum (3 - player) and line-out (2-player). The emphasis is still on fun and builds on the core skills introduced at the younger age groups with an extension to the rules and ethics involved with the game. We try to give our players experience of all the roles involved in the team to create a better understanding of each others positions.

Under 11's/12's
These age groups see a further extension to the rules involved with the game as well as a more structured approach to their play. The scrum and line-outs are extended and players are starting to show a preference or ability in specific positions within the team. Coaching is more structured and whilst still concentrating on the core skills will include set moves and a development of tactical awareness.