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The time draws near the Men have stood up, the boys are hiding behind apron strings.
The Official Club Tour 2014 2nd - 5th May Bristol.
Those on tour should by now have received the initial welcome e-mail with the essential kit required and details of the itinerary. If you have not contact the Committee asap.

We can confirm the 2014 tour is taking place over the May Bank Holiday Weekend. 3rd to 5th. Whilst our final destination may still be in question….. We can confirm our general heading will be somewhere south and little bit west from Deeping St James.
Check in will take place on the Friday evening, 2nd, the coach will collect us early morning on the 3rd, and we will depart for a journey of approximately some amount of time.
Once at our destination you will be free to get off the coach. Your weekend entertainment will be included in the £150 cost, the entertainment can be of your choosing as long as it is on the itinerary which will be supplied.
We must pay the hotel and coach deposit by NEXT WEEKEND 2nd Feb, any one that has not paid by next weekend risks not being able to attend as we must secure the number of cabins we will need on the 2nd. You need to have paid £20 only by next Sunday. Another £40 by the end of Feb, £45 by the end of March and £45 by the end of April, its £10 a week between now and then.
Don’t miss out by not being there, tour stories make the best stories, make sure you can tell your own, be part of it.
Thank you.

This season we will be touring again, we will be visiting the town of ####### over the weekend of 3rd, 4th & 5th May (Bank Holiday Weekend)

Your tour committee are in full swing organising and booking (and scheming) what will be a great tour.

Who could forget the recent highlights of Benidorm, Isle of Man, Edinburgh, Albufeira and many more not forgetting Bournemouth of course which was the Snuff of legend………

Remember the taste of freedom as your first tour beer hits your lips and the slow and painful longing for another pickled egg after it was all over!!! Good times we're sure you all agree…

Roll on the EPIC adventure

The proposed itinerary is...................

Where : ####### Hotel
When : Bank Holiday Weekend, 3rd to 5th May 2014
Cost: £150

Saturday 3rd May 2014
Travel to #######

Monday 5th May 2014
Leave ####### AM return to Deeping

Coach Travel, tour shirt, Bed & Breakfast inc

A deposit of £20 is required NO LATER than 31st JANUARY 2014 and FULL balance by 31st March 2014.

Your hotel is located in the fashionable area of #######, this hotel has a reputation for an atmosphere. The hotel is within walking distance of the town centre.
Breakfast included, all rooms have a bed.

Helpful Tour FAQ’s
Q. Can I afford it?
A. Yes it will be a maximum of £150 per person and you have a lot of time so no excuses even if you are a student ((Dobie managed(cheers Jeffrey))
Q. Where is it?
A. ########, UK
Q. When is it?
A. 3rd, 4th & 5th May
Q. I have never been on tour before will you look after me?
A. Almost certainly all first time tourists will be under careful supervision by a suitably qualified individual.
Q. Why do I keep getting fined after matches?
A. To pay for your merriment on tour so the more generous you are the less time you have to worry about where your next beer will come from
Q. Is the Loose Cannon touring this year?
A. He does what he wants and this year he wants to tour.
Q. I’m old and have a wife and family will I be able to tour?
A. Yes your attendance is most welcome it’s for EVERYBODY there are 3 qualifications to attend 1 part meat 2 parts veg.

Where next?

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